Tootsie Rolls 1lb Bag

Tootsie Rolls 1lb Bag

Get your candy fix with our Tootsie Rolls midgees candy! Tootsie Roll is one of the oldest treats in the United States. This confection has been around since 1907

Today, kids and adults love the chewy texture and chocolaty taste that makes these popular confections so irresistible. They're not quite taffy and not quite caramel but very smooth, making snack time even sweeter! Bulk Tootsie Rolls give you more pieces for snacking, parties and sharing.

Every roll is individually wrapped in that familiar brown, red and white paper. That allows the candy to remain fresh and ready to enjoy. Take a handful with you as a quick treat on a busy day or use them as an easy after school snack for the kids. Tootsie Rolls also make great treat bag filler for birthday parties, picnics, holiday events and other gatherings.

About 65 pieces per pound