Do you have a retail store?

No, as of April 2019 we are an online ONLY retailer.  Prior to April 2019 we held a retail space from 2012 to April 2019.

Do you require a minimum order amount?

No, but while we don't have an order amount requirement the cost of shipping may seem high due to the fact we are shipping by weight and distance. So, for example an order totaling $2 may cost $5.95(our lowest shipping rate) to ship which is more than the cost of the order. In this instance it doesn't make sense that shipping costs more than the item ordered, it may be beneficial to add more items to your order.

Why is your shipping so high?

We have tried many shipping options and we have found shipping based on weight and distance to be the most beneficial to our customers.  We don't make a profit on shipping. 

Can I order via phone?

Yes, we can take your order via phone but we will email you and invoice through a secured method to prevent fraud.

Do you offer coupon codes?

Yes, we send coupon codes to customers who have signed up to our mailing list or those who have placed an order.

Is all of your candy in stock?

If candy is out of stock you will see an indication, occasionally our online inventory system is out of sync with our on-hand inventory.  In the event this occurs you will be notified via email and given an opportunity to change or cancel order.